PUBG Update #12 a huge one!‬


What's new?


UPDATE 4: 5/4/2018
We've pushed a small update to make two additional changes:

  • Fixed a client crash issue which was occurred when player move out to lobby after the match ends
  • Fixed a typo of in-game tooltip for several grip attachments

UPDATE 3: 5/3/2018 
We’ve squeezed in a few more changes before this patch hits live!

  • Now when you adjust your reticle style in-game (using the PageUp/PageDown keys) your preferences will be remembered across play sessions
  • The reticle on the 3x scope has been updated
  • Vertical mouse sensitivity is now set to 0.7 by default. To make your vertical:horizontal mouse sensitivity 1:1, simply set both to 1.0 in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing punching to slow down movement while sprinting
  • Fixed an issue causing crash sounds to play when approaching vehicles
  • We’ve added better in-game descriptions for all of the new grips and attachments. See updated descriptions in the patch notes below

We’ve also added more information about limb shot modifiers in the “Weapon & Item Balance” section of the patch notes.

Finally, here’s a friendly heads up that the Target Practice pan is a limited-time skin. It will be no longer purchasable starting May 17, 5PM PDT / May 18, 2AM CEST / May 18, 9AM KST

UPDATE 2: 4/30/2018
Three more quick changes:

  • Added a separate EU server option on the Test Server
  • Removed the glass from all windows with bars on Erangel
  • Added 26 community-created graffiti images to buildings in Erangel and Miramar


UPDATE 1: 4/27/2018
We’ve added some information about rewards UX changes to the “Map Selection and Main Menu UI” section of the patch notes.


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