Download Crossfire 2.0 Philippines

CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows by South Korean developer SmileGate. Neowiz is the Korean publisher of CrossFire, and deals with SmileGate directly. All other publishers must go through Neowiz to get to the developers. The game was released in China by Tencent, with Tencent as the exclusive agent service company. Tencent operates the game through the internet, with service areas covered and the networks supported by China Telecom and China Netcom. The tests for its software bugs were started publicly on April 2008.According to The Korea Herald, the game was the world’s top grossing game of 2014 at 1.5 trillion won ($1.3 billion).[1] Neal H. Moritz‘s Original Film and Korean game developer Smilegate are teaming up to develop a film based on the popular online game “Crossfire”. CrossFire will be adapted into a film.[2]Source: WikipediaGameclub released the Crossfire Philippines on September 17, 2009.Looking for Crossfire 2.0 download link?Download below:


Crossfire 2.0 Full Client Download – August 27, 2015

[MediaFire] CF2_SetupDownload Here


[Crossfire 2.0 Patch Download]

[MediaFire_Link1] CF2_ManualPatcher : Click to Download


[Version 1160 Patch Download]

[MediaFire_Link1] Version 1160 Manual Patch : Click to Download


[Version 1165 Patch Download][Valiant Patch Download] October 6, 2015

[MediaFire_Link1] Version 1165 Manual Patch : Click to Download


Genisys Patch Pre-Download [December 8, 2015]

[MediaFire_Link] CF_Manual_1172 : Click to Download

Password: @zubum02


Hot Pursuit Patch Pre-Download [February 11, 2016] 

[MediaFire_Link] CF_Manual_1180 : Click to Download

Password: #r3ndezv0us!


Order of the Arch Manual Patch Download [March 8, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link] CF_Manual_1183 : Click to Download


[April 7, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1187: Click to Download


[April 11, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1188: Click to Download


[May 10, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1191: Click to Download

Password: 1qazxsw2

[May 24, 2016]

 [MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1193]: Click to Download

or here.

[June 7, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1195]: Click to Download

Password: battletrance0606

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1195]: No Password Link

[July 5, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1199]: Click to Download

Password: h89Xv53T

Super Soldier Patch Update (Manual Patch pre-download)

For those who got problem with Xtrap, download below.

[July 12, 2016]

[Mediafire_Link CF_Xtrap_07-12-2016]: Click To Download

[August 9, 2016]

[MediaFire_Link CF_Manual_1203]: Click to Download

password:  !yWrx#bes

[October 18, 2016]

[Blitzkrieg 2nd Unlock Patch Update Download Link]

[MediaFire_Link]_CF_Manual_1208 13MB: Click here to Download


[November 2, 2016]

[Blitzkrieg 4th Unlock Patch Update Download Link]

[MediaFire_Link]_CF_Manual_1210 13MB:
Full Patch Download: Click here to Download


[December 5, 2017]

CF_Manual_1265 184 MB:
Full Patch Download Through Mediafire: Click here to Download



[December 6, 2017]


[Mediafire Link]

CF_Manual_1266 10MB:

Patch Mediafire: Click here to Download


[December 12, 2017]

[Mediafire Link]

CF_Manual_1267 12MB:

Patch Mediafire: Click here to Download



Please note: Download only the latest patch as needed.


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